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to Sell Merch To Your Audience!

Let us build your campaign, store your inventory, and ship your merch…all without any upfront cost!

Promote Your Merch. Get Paid.

Have you ever wanted to create and sell your own custom-branded merch to your audience, but found the process overwhelming? The complexity of all the back-end, setup, fulfillment, and logistics can make the task feel impossible.

We got you!

Let us be your built-in team. We have been printing and distributing merch for over 15 years! We’ve created a done-for-you framework so you can focus on just one thing… spreading the word to your audience!

We have streamlined every part of the processes from designing your custom merch and building your online store, to packing and shipping each item to your customers. 

A Profitable Partnership

The Creator

As a creator, you have the fans. The fans who adore you. They want to hear what you have to say and buy what you have to sell.

The Print Shop

As the print shop, we have everything the creator needs when it comes to designing, printing, storing, and shipping your merch.

“What a positive creative experience from start to finish. I was able to work with Tommy and he was STELLAR.”
Phoenix Vegan

How it Works

1. Design

Send us your design(s) or have one of our amazingly talented graphic designers work their magic for you.

2. Hype

Once the design is finished and your e-commerce store is ready, that's when you spring into action and promote your merch to your raving fans.

3. Ship

After your cart closes, that's when we take care of all the orders packaging, storing, and shipping all the inventory to your customers.

4. Get Paid

Once everything is finished, it’s time to count the money and get paid $10 for every shirt sold!

Everything is Done-For-You

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Our Wildly Effective Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately the old era of “If you build it, they will come” is long gone… It’s time for a better strategy.

That’s why we focus on dropping exclusive, limited-time-only merch at select times throughout the year. This adds scarcity and boosts demand and profits overall. It’s one of our key strategies that has been tested and proven to work time and time again.

A Dashboard To View All Your Sales

We set up all our clients with a dashboard that shows all the items sold and sales involved. This way you get a quick and real-time overview to stay updated throughout the entirety of the campaign.

Checkout Some Of Our Past Client Results Below!


# of Launched Hype Campaigns


Total Revenue Generated


Total Paid In Commissions

Black Rock Coffee

In just five days Black Rock Coffee was able to generate over 20K in Gross sales for their limited edition staff shirts!

Make Fetch Happen

American Vision Partners Philanthropy was able to raise nearly $5,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness with their latest Hype Store.

Phoenix Rugby

Phx Rugby made over 5K in profits for their team, allowing them to fund crucial supplies for their team’s next season.

Ready To Open Up Your Own Hype Store?

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After the cart closes, please allow 10-15 days for production. Once everything has been sent out to your customers we cut you a check for your percentage of the sales!

Chargebacks and refunds will be factored into final Hype Store client earnings. 

Also please be aware that any hype store orders under 12 units will be processed using either direct-to-film or direct-to-garment printing methods. These methods do not allow for commission kickbacks to be issued to clients.

No design? No problem! When you are onboarded, you will be connected with one of our amazingly talented graphic designers who will work their magic for you.

Yes! We created the process for you and will guide you through every step of your promotion!

We know it sounds too good to be true. Something has to be in it for us, right? Well of course! We spent time carefully crafting our prices and selecting our products so that our profits can be calculated directly into the shirt sale price. With each shirt sold both you AND Think Pro will make a profit.

Our screen printing process takes 10-15 days. Once they are printed and packaged, shirts will be shipped out from our location in Tempe, Arizona and should arrive at their final destination within 5-7 business days (over seas orders may take longer).

To qualify to work with us, we recommend you have some kind of follower base. Whether it is through a large email list, discord community, Instagram following, TiktTok following, or even a church family. Your Hype Store will be most successful if you have a fan base who is excited to buy your merch!

Yes, we do!

Think is a marketing print house & design studio based in Tempe, Arizona